Exterior Cleaning Nottingham

This is not a monthly direct debit. If we don’t clean your windows for any reason, GoCardless will not take a payment.

Payment is taken 5 days AFTER we have cleaned your property. GoCardless will contact you via email to let you know the amount due and the date the funds will be collected.

Paying with GoCardless direct debit is 100% secure, and you are covered by the Direct Debit Guarantee.

Just click on the “Pay with GOCARDLESS” button.

I don’t want to pay by direct debit can I pay by another method?

All new customers are required to confirm that they agree to pay for their window cleaning by GoCardless direct debit when booking. GoCardless direct debit is the safest way to pay, no late payment charges apply and you are covered by the direct debit guarantee. Payment is only taken if we have cleaned your windows. Sorry but we don’t accept bank transfers or cash.

How will I know when my GoCardless payment is going to be taken?

GoCardless payments are collected 5 days after your windows have been cleaned. You will receive an email from GoCardless prior to your payment being taken informing you of the amount due and the date that the payment will be collected.

Is GoCardless a monthly direct debit?

No, GoCardless only asks for a payment when a job is complete. It’s perfect for collecting regular payments such as 4 or 8 weekly window cleaning.

I haven’t had my windows cleaned will payment still be taken automatically?

No, payment is only ever taken if your windows have been cleaned.

I’m having building work done and won’t need my windows cleaning for a few months, will I need to cancel the direct debit setup?

No, Payments are only ever taken after your windows are cleaned, if you are not having your windows cleaned for any reason payment will never be taken until you re-start your cleaning schedule.

How do I sign up for GoCardless direct debit?

Just visit our payments page on this website.